If you’re looking for the most prettiest and most charming girl from the class of 12-ABM, then you’re on the wrong site. As much as I would like to think that I am remotely these things, truth is I’m not. But it’s alright though. I consider myself weird and unique among others.

I have a 1 1/2 sisters and 3 1/2 brothers.  I live with my dad and lola in the city of Valenzuela. Most of the time,  I act as a mother to my younger brothers. I complain about it all the time, but I actually love it. 

I love to read. The first book I’ve read was Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I loved it, so I read all of her work, and repeatedly read it. I like all genres, it makes the next book more exciting and stunning. I also love to watch movies with my friends and siblings all the time, though I watch horror movies by myself first so that I can test whether it’s worth seeing, if it is, I will watch it again with them, scaring them while I’m at it. 

I love my friends more than I should. I think of their well beings and their needs first before my own. That’s my fault though. I give too much.  But no matter how much I tell myself that there are times when I need to prioritize me, I still go back to square one. I love them too much and I hate it as much. 

A friend once asked me what would I do if I dreamed about my own death, I said that I would not do anything that would contradict it,  I’d just start living more. She looked at me weirdly and asked why.  I said, “I have everything I need.  The people I love are doing fine,  I’m happy,  and content. I’m ready.” And I really am, if it is really my time.

And that’s a short preview of the life of Kaye,  the girl who’s ready.